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Demonstration project construction of combining flexible perovskite with architecture completed by Dazhong Micro Nano

As a leading company in the industrialization of flexible perovskite at home and abroad, Dazhong Micro Nano completed the construction of the world's first demonstration project combining flexible perovskite solar cell modules with buildings in early June 2023, taking a crucial step towards the commercialization of flexible perovskite batteries.
Driven by the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the "photovoltaic+" model is constantly upgrading, updating, and innovating, and the concept of BIPV is gradually becoming well-known. Building Integrated PV, also known as photovoltaic building integration, is a technology that combines solar photovoltaic power generation products into buildings.
The perfect integration of photovoltaic products with buildings can form photovoltaic building components that can replace traditional building roofs, glass curtain walls, exterior wall decorative surfaces, and even ancillary structures such as balconies and fences, becoming the most concerned photovoltaic technology in the construction industry in recent years. BIPV has left a distinct visual imprint on the entire building, highlighting the concept of green ecology and sustainable development in a city.



According to statistics, the total annual electricity consumption of existing buildings in China is about 1.6 trillion KWh, while the potential for photovoltaic installation in existing buildings is 1500GW, with a power generation capacity of up to 150 million KWh. Such data is quite attractive to both the construction and photovoltaic industries.
According to calculations by Industrial Securities, the existing building area in China is 60 billion square meters, of which approximately one sixth, or 10 billion square meters, can be installed with BIPV. If estimated based on the installation of 150-200 watts per square meter and a cost of 5 yuan/watt, the corresponding total installed potential of BIPV is about 1500-2000 GW, and the corresponding market size is about 7.5-10 trillion yuan. Therefore, the "trillion dollar market" is not an overly distant number.
Due to the limitation that the main body of the building may not always present a horizontal and vertical exterior wall state, the appearance of more curved parts makes silicon based solar cells lose their usefulness. Flexible perovskite solar cells have the characteristics of lightweight and bendability, and can adhere to surfaces of different shapes, giving BIPV buildings greater feasibility.



Flexible perovskite solar cells, combined with solution preparation of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials and roll to roll process, have extremely low cost and manufacturing friendliness. More importantly, as a new generation of photovoltaic technology, it has developed rapidly, with energy conversion efficiency approaching that of monocrystalline silicon cells in just over a decade, and has great industrialization prospects.
Da Zheng Micro Nano has completed the construction of the first international flexible perovskite demonstration project, verifying the feasibility of industrialization of perovskite batteries and BIPV. The industrialization of flexible perovskite will make the strength of BIPV, a potential stock, increasingly clear, and provide partial answers for the future path to be taken in the context of dual carbon.


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