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High precision slit coating equipment DT-300-1200

The coating system mainly comprises a feeding unit and a coating unit. The coating unit is composed of precision-machined upper and lower molds and thin gaskets installed between the upper and lower molds. The feeding unit is composed of a storage and conveying injection pump and a filtering device. The system consists of precise movement of the coating die relative to the substrate, by controlling the rate, precise metering and pumping of the process fluid, liquid chemical material is extruded and coated on the moving substrate (glass, stainless steel and plastic) from the gap between the upper and lower dies to form a thin film. The thickness of the coating film can be calculated directly from the liquid flow rate and the moving speed of the substrate. The advantage is that the film uniformity is high, the applicable coating viscosity range is wide, the coating speed is fast, and a large area of the film can be produced.

Keyword:Flexible perovskite solar modules / Slot die coating machine


Slot die coating machine

High precision slit coating equipment DT-300-1200