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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Promote the development and application of large-size silicon wafers, N-type high-efficiency cells, calcium titanium ore and other technologies

On August 25, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) publicly solicited comments on the "Guidance on Promoting the Development of Energy Electronics Industry (Draft for Comments)", which mentions accelerating the application of energy electronics technology and products in industry, communications, energy, transportation, construction, agriculture and other fields. Encourage the construction of industrial green microgrid, distributed photovoltaic, decentralized wind power, diversified energy storage, high-efficiency heat pumps, waste heat and pressure utilization, intelligent energy control and other integrated system development and operation, to achieve efficient and complementary use of multi-energy. Support the construction of large-scale scenic power bases. Promote the electrification of transportation and machinery tools, and accelerate the research and development and promotion of electric ships and electric aircraft. Explore the integration of photovoltaic and new energy vehicles application path. Promote the research and application of rooftop and wall photovoltaic systems, develop household optical storage ultra-micro power stations, and promote the integration of photovoltaic and energy storage batteries with building materials. Promote the compound development of photovoltaic power generation, such as agriculture-photovoltaic complementary, fishery-photovoltaic complementary, encourage the exploration of new business models of photovoltaic agriculture, promote farmers' income, and support the construction of rural revitalization and common prosperity.

To achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, systematically plan the whole industrial chain of energy and electronics, lead and create new demand with high-quality supply, and enhance the resilience of the supply system and its adaptability to demand. Encourage enterprise-led R&D activities for market and industrial applications, and expand the supply of intelligent and diversified products and services such as photovoltaic power generation systems, energy storage, and new energy microgrids. Promote the deep integration of key areas of energy electronics, and enhance the capacity of new energy production, storage, transmission and distribution, and terminal applications. Promote green and low-carbon energy transformation, and promote efficient synergy between clean energy, energy conservation, carbon reduction and efficiency, and green energy consumption.

Accelerate smart photovoltaic innovation breakthroughs, develop high-purity silicon, large-size wafer technology, support the production of high-efficiency, low-cost crystalline silicon cells, promote the development and application of advanced technologies such as N-type high-efficiency cells, flexible thin-film cells, chalcogenide and laminated cells, and enhance the capacity for mass production on a large scale. Encourage the development of advanced and applicable intelligent photovoltaic components, the development of intelligent inverters, controllers, convergence boxes, tracking systems and other key components. Increase support for the application of key technologies and equipment, raw and auxiliary materials research and development. Encourage the development of safe and convenient household smart photovoltaic systems, and encourage the development of photovoltaic charging treasure, wearable equipment, transportation and other mobile energy products. Explore the establishment of PV "carbon footprint" evaluation standards and carry out certification. Accelerate the construction of a PV supply chain traceability system, and promote the development and industrialization of PV module recycling technology.


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Leaders from the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission visited the production site of the "100 MW Flexible (Lightweight) Component Mass Production Line" of Dazheng Micro Nano to conduct research

The following text is quoted from: Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission's First Quarter Research Service in Xiamen City - Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission

Xiamen Mayor Huang Wenhui Investigates the Dazhong Micro Nano 100 MW Flexible (Lightweight) Component Mass Production Line

On January 19, 2024, Huang Wenhui, Deputy Secretary of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Government Party Group, and Mayor, visited the Dazheng Micro Nano 100 MW Flexible (Lightweight) Component Mass Production Line for on-site research and guidance, to gain a detailed understanding of the company's production and operation, product research and development, capital increase and expansion, and other situations.

Taisho Microelectronics participated in the 5th Global Forum on the Industrialization of Perovskite and Stacked Battery

From December 20th to 22nd, 2023, as a leading enterprise in the localization of flexible perovskite batteries and precision coating equipment, Dazhong Micro Nano participated in the 5th Global Perovskite and Stacked Battery (Suzhou) Industrialization Forum and the establishment conference of the China International Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology Perovskite Industry Branch.