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Taisho Micro Nano Exhibits in Xiamen 2023, Discussing the Development of Flexible Perovskite with Various Industries


From December 8th to December 9th, 2023, Taisho Micro Nano, as a leading flexible perovskite enterprise, participated in the "X Creation Xiamen 2023" exhibition in the beautiful Ludao Xiamen. "X Creation Xiamen 2023" is a grand event that brings together six major tracks: advanced manufacturing, intelligent everything, green technology, biopharmaceuticals, cultural and entertainment, and food technology. Experts from various fields and industries will give on-site science popularization lectures and showcase their innovative projects and products.



Perovskite solar cells are solar cells that use perovskite type organic metal halide semiconductors as absorbing materials. They are representative of the third-generation high-efficiency thin film cells and have the characteristics of high efficiency, high flexibility, and low cost. They are known as the "new hope in the photovoltaic field". Our Executive Vice General Manager, Yu Wang, showcased our company's latest flexible perovskite products and technology to global audiences. Our products have been first applied in the BIPV field and have further extended to multiple fields such as modular/mobile buildings, the Internet of Things, 3C, mobile consumption, public energy, emergency rescue, and power supply. General Manager Yu Wang also had in-depth communication and exchange with other industry leaders on site, and provided detailed answers to the questions of the on-site audience.



At the same time, the exhibition booth of Taisho Microelectronics became the focus of on-site attention. Professionals from both domestic and international sources are eager to learn about the company's products and technology. The delegation from Taisho Microelectronics had in-depth communication with visitors, providing a detailed introduction to the company's products and technology, and reached cooperation intentions with multiple industry professionals.



The exhibition "X Creation Xiamen 2023" is one of the important measures taken by Taisho Microelectronics to expand its market. As a practitioner of flexible lightweight photovoltaics, Taisho Microelectronics has long been committed to establishing closer relationships with more partners and contributing to the development and utilization of clean energy.


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The following text is quoted from: Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission's First Quarter Research Service in Xiamen City - Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission

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